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Hofmann Selector MD

Powerful high-frequency X-ray generator for office and clinic diagnosis. The high operating comfort guaranteed for optimal X-ray and clinical practice.

The heart of all Hofmann DMT X-ray systems is the Selector MD. The multi-processor-controlled high-frequency generator is characterized by very short exposure times, simple operation and fast control of high voltage and tube current. The modern automatic exposure control ensures constant film density with exact reproducibility of the recording data. Another plus: the organ-programmed recording technology.

Features Selector MD

  • Shortest switching time 1 millisecond
  • Exact reproducibility of the data recording
  • Optimum protection tube
  • Intuitive control panel
  • CE marking CE0125

The selector MD Overview

High-voltage generator

High frequency inverter, converter generator

Power supply

380V / 50 / 60Hz, N, PE, AC

Key Specifications

Power 50 kW (DIN 6822)

  • At 700 mA / at 70 kV
  • 500 mA at / at 100 kV
  • 400 mA / 125 kV at
  • 300 mA at / at 150 kV

Power 80 kW (DIN 6822)

  • At 1000 mA / at 80 kV
  • 800 mA at / at 100 kV
  • 500 mA at / at 125 kV
  • 400 mA / 150 kV at

X-ray tube

Two dual-focus tube, all common types

Tube voltage / recording

40 kV to 125 kV in 24 steps or 40 kV to 150 kV in 27 steps

Tube voltage / fluoroscopy

35 kV to 110 kV in 1 kV steps

mAs product

1 to 500 mAs in 54 steps (half exposure points)

Recording time

Shortest recording time by tube current computer, 1 ms to 35 Continuously, decreased performance for special shots selectable.

Shortest switching time with bracketing Aut.

≤ 1 ms

Exposure Machine

to 4 Dreifeldermeßkammern, Ionisationsmeßkammer, Photo-pick-up, Schwärzungskorrektur + / - 8 (half exposure points)

Film technology

adjustable kV and mAs (mA calculated)

Application equipment

max. Operation panel 4 +

Organ program

10 (up to max. 30) organ groups, all parameters from the user programmable

Display after exposure

Recording time and mAs product are displayed after shooting


for wall mounting or with stand

Series technology

6 frames / sec (optional 30 B / s)

Control cabinet

contains controller, power supply, high voltage power supply; moved on wheels; dimensions 60x39x172 cm

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