Used X-ray systems

High quality and cost efficient X-ray solutions for hospital or doctor's office

We buy and sell used equipment worldwide and dismantle and reassemble X-ray equipments. On request we perform refurbishing according to your specifications. All offered units are reconditioned, we give advice to your project reliably to the first time and from then on we also offer after-sale service.

Systems offered:

  • Combigraph, Combigraph Quadro, Urograph E (Hofmann, Siemens)
  • C-arm systems (Siemens, Ziehm)
  • Bucky systems (Hofmann, Siemens)
  • Mobile X-ray systems (Siemens, Philips)

lf you're looking for service or for a certain type of x-ray unit, or if you want to sell an x-ray system, ask us.
With our worldwide network we're sure to find it for you.