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About us

Fritz Hofmann - Founder of previous Fritz Hofmann GmbH, Erlangen

Since 1922, the company Fritz Hofmann in Erlangen had engaged in the development, manufacture and sale of X-ray equipment for medical diagnosis.
This rich experience is reflected in the quality of the products that has made ​​the company Hofmann one of the leading manufacturers of X-ray equipment.

In 2002 the company was renamed in Hofmann Systems GmbH. In 2003, Hofmann closed its place of business.

The X-ray systems from Hofmann still exist in the market and work fine, thanks to their reliable and indestructible quality. In Germany there are more than 3000 satisfied users of Hofmann devices, worldwide today over 10,000 Hofmann systems are in use.

SHAMS X-ray Technology, based also in Erlangen - The official successor

Engineer and previous developer of  Hofmann, Magdy Shams, founded in 2003 theofficial successor company SHAMS X-ray Technology and took over the care of all still perfectly functioning X-ray equipments produced by Hofmann.
A prime example of the concept of quality: Made in Germany.

Besides maintenance and service, we also buy and offer second-hand, certified "Refurbish" X-ray systems. We supply, install on site, perform prescribed equipment checks. Our devices have of course 12-month warranty.

Still working Hofmann devices can be found worldwide. So SHAMS X-ray Technology provides its services not only in Germany and Europe, but also worldwide on site.

Thanks to our experience with X-ray systems of more than 20 years, we can also help you with your problems or requirements relating to your x-ray device from the house of Fritz Hofmann.

lf you're looking for service or for a certain type of x-ray unit, or if you want to sell an x-ray system, ask us.
With our worldwide network we're sure to find it for you.