The official successor to Fritz Hofmann company, Erlangen, Germany

Full service for X-ray systems from HOFMANN & others     

  • Competent partner concerning your HOFMANN devices
  • More than 20 years of experience in X-ray technology and as medical device consultants
  • Planning: Installation plan for your X-ray equipment, radiation protection plan and installation plan according to DIN 6912
  • Because of our "official authorization as radiation protection commissioners" we perform radiation protection teachings for you
  • Service and repair as specified by the manufacturer and by CE regulations
  • We buy and offer used devices from HOFMANN, SIEMENS, PHILIPS and ZIEHM
  • Relocation planning and implementation for X-ray equipment
  • Construction / installation of systems
  • Quality assurance in X-ray device, according to § 16 and 45 RÖV
  • Partial and final testing of analog or digital systems
  • Examination of films and cassettes and imaging plates and Dig. Detector
  • Film processors
  • Acceptance test according to DIN 6868 part 50
  • Repairs with new original spare parts
  • Retrofits of fail-safe circuits
  • Retrofits of Last Image Hold
  • Return of used equipment
  • Removal and disposal following environmental regulations
  • Always top quality - including test protocol
  • Support and spare parts service
  • Technical updates upon request

lf you're looking for service or for a certain type of x-ray unit, or if you want to sell an x-ray system, ask us.
With our worldwide network we're sure to find it for you.