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Innovative table bucky system for diagnostic radiology
The compact screen recording space for conventional radiography hardly leaves notheing to be desired.

Tailored to individual requirements

Hofmann Combigraph is a compact table bucky and workplace for conventional radiography. Convenient storage and easy adjustment of the exposure of lying or sitting patients allow quick availability of radiographs. Combined with the bucky stand RW 2 also the receiving area with the patient standing is covered. The combination of Combigraph and RW 2 has something for recording technical requirements: the skull, thorax, extremities, spine and pelvis can be easily positioned and exposured ..

  • Automatic coupling of X-ray tube and bucky
  • Easy patient positioning
  • Space-saving under-counter version
  • Arbitrary angular positions by rotation of the X-ray source
  • Only an X-ray of the entire work area

  • Lying down: X-ray images of the skull, pelvis, extremities and skeletal.
  • While standing in conjunction with GRID WALL UNIT RW 2: X-ray images of the skull, thorax and skeleton.

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