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Hofmann Selector M

The diagnostic X-ray generators SELECTOR HOFMANN M, SELECTOR MD and SELECTOR D are representative of a new line of converter generators, using a high frequency converter to generate the X-ray tube voltage.

Microprocessor control circuits the control panel and all functions of the generator. 

Advantages over previous technologies:

  • Very good reproducibility of the exposure parameters
  • Very fast reactions when shooting in the millisecond range
  • Post-indication of the actual exposure parameters
  • Diverse opportunities for organ programming
  • Independent error display in case of failure

X-ray tubes

HOFMANN X-ray generators can operate X-ray tubes of all available manufacturers. If you are replacing a generator, you can exchange any discarded X-ray tube. When new systems are set up, you are free to choose the best price tube type for each specific application.


Power: 50 kW according to DIN 6822, 700 mA at 70 kV, 500 mA at 100 kV, 400 mA at 125 kV
High voltage generation: Converter technology (high-frequency inverter)
Power supply: 380 AC 50/60Hz, max. 0.3 Ω resistor network, other voltages optional
X-ray tube a dual focus tube
Tube Type: all popular makes and models, standard alto quaint, high speed possible with separate rotating anode starter
Tube voltage: 40 to 125 kV
Recording times: to about 3 s, recording time post-indication
shortest turn-off
with automatic exposure:
≤ 3 ms (suitable recording system provided)
AE: max. 2 three-field measuring chambers
Shifts: kV and mAs selection, tube current adjustment layer by current computer, with or without automatic exposure control
Application equipment: max. 2 + shifts + console operation
Free adjusters: Tube voltage:
40 kV to 125 kV in 23 steps (exposure points)
Current-time product:
2 mAs to 500 mAs in 23 steps (exposure points)
Tube current:
automatic tube current adjustment by computer, shortest or three times longer recording time, selectable
Automatic organ: ten groups of organs, programmable desired by the user, selectable with or without automatic exposure control, optional RADIOSTAT technology (increasing tube voltage during recording)
Computer connection: RS-232C serial port for data transfer logging
Control cabinet: Electronic control unit, load circuit and high voltage generator, movable



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