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Hofmann Selector D

Powerful high-frequency X-ray generator for clinical diagnosis and practice. The multi-processor-controlled generator ensures exact reproducibility of the recording data.

Shortest recording time, easy operation and fast control of high voltage and tube current - these are the features of the multi-selector D. The processor-controlled high-frequency generator ensured by its advanced automatic exposure control a constant film density with exact reproducibility of the recording data. In addition, up to 100 groups of organs with the number keys are selected using the organ-programmed recording technology.

Features Selector D

  • Shortest switching time 1 millisecond
  • Exact reproducibility of the data recording
  • Optimum protection tube
  • Intuitive control panel with VGA display
  • 100 groups of organs selectable
  • CE marking in accordance with the relevant international standards IEC601-1, IEC601-2-7, IEC-601-1-2, CE0125

The selector D Overview

  • Tube overload protection

    The generator continuously monitors whether the acquisition parameter settings can be performed on the selected tube. It takes into consideration the following limits:

    • Tube power

      From kV and tube current value of the expected performance is calculated. The generator allows the mAs setting to only up to the load limit of the tube tube.

    • Emission limit

      For small values ​​of kV and high tube current emission capability of the Kathodenheizfadens could be exceeded. The generator is just such a self tube currents that are below this emission limit.

      The selected focal spot and the set kV value can not be changed by the overload computer.

  • Tube heat content calculation

    The generator receiving the values ​​calculated from the transmitted amount of energy to the tube, and from the current thermal condition of the X-ray tube in order to avoid thermal overloading. The display on the control unit informed about how many% the thermal storage capacity of the tube is full.

Conscious exceeding the thermal load is detected by the processor system and saved in order to damage the tube to draw conclusions about the causes.

When reaching 90% of the thermal load tube a warning (flashing tube symbol) is generated.

The display tube of the thermal load is in a display panel.

The tube temperature is also monitored by a thermal switch, the triggering of X-rays in the cover prevents temperature is exceeded.


  • High-frequency X-ray generator with a multi-processor control
  • Manufactured in a compact, modular design
  • Control panel with VGA display and keypad
  • Automatic exposure DOSIMAT
  • Tube overload computer
  • Tube heat content Calculator


  • Including fluoroscopy kV remote setting
  • Dose rate control
  • Automatic organ
  • Tomography
  • High speeds, anode up
  • Shooting technique
  • Interface for Digital Image Processing
  • Interface for Automatic primary steel bezel

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