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COMBIGRAPH QUADRO - Squaring the X-ray diagnosis

The Hofmann Combigraph Quadro is a universal X-ray workplace, flexible and extensible through its independence without spatial constraints of wall and ceiling. This storage system consists of a patient support table, bucky, pedestal Stand, X-ray tube and collimator.

The Combigraph Quadro exists in three versions:

  • Combination Graph Quadro E
  • Combination Graph Quadro T
  • Combination Graph Quadro TE

Hofmann Combigraph Quadro E  -  The automatic height adjustment

The height is adjusted with a convenient foot-operated switch. Upon reaching the record level of the table is automatically stopped. The control of the table top is done gently, smoothly and silently. Convenient, effective and reliable work is guaranteed.

The lowering of the table top to 54 cm is ideal for patients to be able to easily lay themselves on the table.

Especially for hospital use, we recommend a height adjustment of the table to make a simple shift of patients from the mobile lounger.

Hofmann Combigraph Quadro T  -  Linear tomography made ​​easy

The T performance package contains an integrated microprocessor-controlled device layer that allows the linear tomography. It allows exposure times with 2 layer angle of 8 °, 20 °, 30 ° and 40 °. The film-focus distance can be between 100 cm and 115 cm are selected by the doctor. The layer height can be 0-24 cm in 1 mm - change steps.

Hofmann Combigraph Quadro TE  -  highend in conventional radiography

Hofmann Combigraph Quadro offers in its TE version both service packages. Both, the height adjustability as well as the linear tomography can be controlled by a central and simple user interface.

Technical data of the Combigraph Quadro